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Community / Land projects / Community Development Programme (AJK)

Community Development Programme (AJK)


09/04 - 09/12


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The purpose of the programme was to expand and improve the well-being of 123,000 poor households, especially those headed by women in the area of Azad Jammu and Kashmir where the lack of  agricultural and of employment opportunities have forced much of the male population to migrate. It provided support for the creation of small irrigation schemes to irrigate 3,800 ha using 55 water lifting devices, 55 mini-dams and 85 tube wells; 150 km of rural roads, 20 bridges and 20 footbridges.

On land and natural resource governance, the programme integrated GIS services and computerised maps of land tenure systems into the activities. It helped set up community-based organizations, ensuring broad social participation including women and invested in improving infrastructure and natural resource management increasing income opportunities.