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24 March 2018
Llega a la Corte IDH un caso emblemático de derecho indígena que involucra 45 comunidades de Salta
13 January 2018

El gobierno presentó ayer su agenda para los pueblos originarios, que apunta, dijo, a garantizar derechos básicos a las comunidades y la propiedad de la tierra, un reclamo histórico de las cerca de 1.600 comunidades que viven en el territorio nacional.

2 January 2018

Las muertes de Santiago Maldonado y Rafael Nahuel fueron los eslabones más conocidos de una cadena de violencia contra comunidades originarias. Los hechos más relevantes.


5 December 2017

The conflict in Argentina between the indigenous Mapuche community and the national government has claimed another victim: Rafael Nahuel, an indigenous 22-year-old who was killed while resisting a raid by government forces on indigenous activists in the province of Río Negro.

27 November 2017

“Today we mourn the fallen, but they died in a dignified way on Mapuche territory, on their land,” a relative of the deceased Mapuche member said.

27 October 2017

Santiago Maldonado was last seen alive in public in Patagonia on August 1 at a protest for the land rights of the Mapuche, a group of indigenous peoples from Chile and Argentina. Various witnesses recount seeing him being detained by military police and loaded into a van during a raid by state authorities, but there is no offi

28 August 2017

"Forced disappearance is a crime that only the State commits," the family statement continued.

The relatives of the young Argentine activist Santiago Maldonado have said in a statement that he was forcibly disappeared by agents of the state and demand his immediate return.

argentina government building
8 August 2017

Santiago Maldonado was last seen when security forces evicted Mapuche Indians from land owned by clothing company

Argentina’s government has offered a reward for information about the whereabouts of a missing activist who was last seen when security forces evicted a group of Mapuche Indians from lands in Patagonia owned by the Italian clothing company Benetton.

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