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20 June 2019
Eastern Africa

Date: 13 juin 2019

Source: FarmlangrabASO et al

Anywaa Survival Organisation, GRAIN, Kenya Peasants' League, South Indian Coordination Committee of Farmers' Movements | 13 juin 2019 [EN] [ES]

Le nouvel accord foncier de Karuturi Global en Ethiopie doit être abandonné

18 June 2019
Amanda Richardson
Eastern Africa

We are excited to announce that Dr. Margaret Rugadya, Ph.D. is joining the Resource Equity team. Dr Rugadya comes to us from the Ford Foundation, and we are thrilled to welcome her.

“Margaret brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her. As a researcher, she will contribute a new perspective to Resource Equity.” – Renée Giovarelli           

Sub-Saharan Africa
Eastern Africa

It was December and the school grounds were empty. Students and staff of Langata Road Primary School in Nairobi were home for the holidays, enjoying the break from lessons during the hot, sticky days.

At first no one noticed when builders moved onto the property with bricks and cement. Within two days they had built an impenetrable wall around the playground, cutting off the school buildings from the large grassy spot where students once played on the swings.

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