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4 September 2019
Western Africa
Sierra Leone

Date: 5 août 2019

Source: FarmlandgrabCNCD-11.11.11

Par: Jean-François Pollet

Joseph Rahall, la tête de Green Scenery (pays vert), organisation de défense de l'environnement et des droits de l'homme, sillonne régulièrement les vingt-quatre villages de la région de Malen pour rappeler aux paysans leurs droits à la terre.

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30 May 2019
Ms. Caroline Long
Sierra Leone

This story was submitted as part of the Land Portal Data Stories Contest and was the recipient of the second prize. 

Community Protection and Legal Empowerment in Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone

The Namati team in Sierra Leone is engaged in an ongoing effort to discover sustainable measures for community ownership, management, and administration of land and natural resources throughout the country. To this end, we have taken on a new project: the application of a legal empowerment approach to community land protection.

•	Women in Burlobo community, Northern Uganda, use a satellite map to draw sketch maps of their land, with the help of  the Land and Equity Movement in Uganda (LEMU).
Sierra Leone

By Rachael Knight, Senior Advisor, Community Land Protection, Namati

A paralegal speaks with community members in Mamusa community, Sierra Leone.
Sierra Leone

A small band of grassroots advocates has been helping communities in Sierra Leone secure better deals for their land, says Sonkita Conteh, from paralegal organisation Namati

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