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Land Administration Project


03/08 - 06/15


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The project objective is to increase the access to land information services through the development of an improved land administration system in selected provinces of Vietnam. This objective will be achieved through ensuring that land users, including businesses and households, have access to more efficient, reliable, and transparent services from land administration services. Project components include: (i) Modernizing the Land Registration System, to enable the development of an accurate, current, and complete information system to support land registration in the nine project provinces (activities include: completing and updating spatial data coverage, completing and updating land records, further developing and implementing a computerized land records management system to store, access and update land registration and land use information, and key policy studies in support of land administration system modernization); and (ii) Improving the Land Registration Service Delivery, by supporting the provision of access to land registration and land use data through all land registration offices, and the implementation of a program to promote awareness by the public of land information availability and participation in the processes to complete and update land records and surveying.

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