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Materiales institucionales y promocionales
Diciembre 2017
África septentrional

Training Material of a two days Training on Rangeland Governance designed for Tunisian Governmental Forest Officers

Documentos de conferencias e informes
Noviembre 2017
África oriental
África austral

In Tanzania, ongoing land insecurity is a structural cause of food insecurity particularly for
pastoralists, agro-pastoralists and small-scale crop farmers leading to land use conflicts,
compromised access to resources including grazing and water and rangeland degradation.
Land tenure security and management can be improved through village land use planning (VLUP)

Informes e investigaciones
Octubre 2017
África septentrional

Even if preliminary results have shown that a protection period of 3 years is not sufficient for disappeared species to appear nor for succession to reach a next stage, mainly in the degraded Stipa tenacissima community, the reintroduction of the rest “gdal” practice seems to be beneficial and a suitable tool to manage sustainably the arid rangelands under changing climate.

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