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Igualdad de derechos

Equality before the law, when all people have the same rights

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Abril 2021
The meeting of the UN HLPF in 2021 will be held from Tuesday, 6 July, to Thursday, 15 July 2021, under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council.
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Abril 2021


Informes e investigaciones
Abril 2021

The Global Land Indicators Initiative (GLII) platform was established in 2012 through the joint effort of United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), the World Bank and Millennium Challenge Corporation with the aim of making global-scale monitoring of land governance a reality by 2021.

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Publicación revisada por pares
Noviembre 2020

Tenure governance is a complex and multi-dimensional issue that requires cross-sectoral and holistic approaches, gathering the resources, information and expert skills of a variety of actors while exploring innovative, polycentric multi-stakeholder governance arrangements to address collective action challenges.

Reforming the Land Policies and Land Laws in Sri Lanka
Informes e investigaciones
Noviembre 2019
Sri Lanka

Institute for Constitutional Studies (ICS) commissioned a study on Key Land Laws in Sri Lanka during 2017-2018 in order to identify the priority areas for which the attention of policy makers and the administrators is required. These policy briefs are prepared focusing on the five important areas identified by that study.

Inequality in Bhutan
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Diciembre 2018

As global inequality is dropping, inequality within countries is rising. The problem of inequality is a cause for concern for nations as it undermines democracy and reduces welfare. Bhutan, a developing country in South Asia, also faces rising inequality. Based on the experience of the kidu system in Bhutan, this paper argues that the system is effective in reducing inequality of opportunity.

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Agosto 2017

Full Citation: Dancer, Helen (2017) An equal right to inherit? Women's land rights, customary law and constitutional reform in Tanzania. Social and Legal Studies, 26 (3). pp. 291-310. ISSN 1461-7390

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Julio 2016

This report, which focuses on Kenya, constitutes one of four country-wide assessments produced under the overall project.

Women and Property Rights
Informes e investigaciones
Diciembre 2011

While there is no right to land codified in international human rights law, the Convention for the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), provides for women’s right to own and inherit property without discrimination on the basis of sex. Afghanistan ratified CEDAW in 2003, without reservations.

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Septiembre 2011

kenya land alliance download :Memorandum On Continued Engagement With The Ministry Of Lands On Land Reforms Presented To: The Ministry Of Lands. The approval by the public of the Constitution at the referendum on August 4, 2010 and its promulgation on August 27, 2010 heralded a new dawn of governance in Kenya.

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