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Enero 2012
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This technical paper has been produced by the African Ministers Council on Water (AMCOW) to support the implementation of the Strategic Framework for Water Security and Climate Resilience Development, developed by the African Union through AMWOC. The framework itself seeks to help with the identification, development and mainstreaming of ‘no/low regrets’ investment strategies, and to make development planning activities more resilient to climate change. In providing detail on the concepts and methodologies underpinning each step of the framework, as well as information on financial strategies available, this technical paper supports the frameworks’ goals of achieving water security and climate resilient development through the strengthening of institutional capacity, improving knowledge and enhancing partnerships. The paper comprises of twelve chapters providing comprehensive and detailed guidance to the various aspects of implementing the framework:

the use and construction of climate change and socioeconomic scenarios in development planning
how to make the case for water security and climate resilient development
stakeholder perspectives, with examples of stakeholder roles and responsibilities
climate impact, adaptation and vulnerability assessments
identifying opportunities for building resilience in existing development programmes
finding new and innovative investment opportunities
ensuring robust investment options in the face of uncertain climate changes through risk management and characterisation
single- and multi-criterion approaches to appraising the economics of investment options
the integration of no/low regrets investments into the development process
developing financing and investment strategies, which looks at the cost of water security and climate resilient development, infrastructure funding, and examples of financing strategies
mainstreaming climate resilience in development planning
lessons learned, as well as monitoring and evaluation – the iterative nature of these aspects is emphasised in that they should provide continuity and informative input into subsequent assessments and activities.

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