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Biblioteca Law on territorial planning (No. I-1120).

Law on territorial planning (No. I-1120).

Law on territorial planning (No. I-1120).

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Territorial planning is described as a process and procedure of land use planning in article 2. The objectives of territorial planning are outlined in article 3. Articles 4 to 20 concern territorial planning at national, county, and municipal level. Planning shall be: general or "master" (arts. 5-10); special (arts. 1-14), or; detailed (arts. 15-20). There shall be master plans for each of the specified territorial subdivisions. Master planning shall establish priorities, objectives and strategies for the territory in question. Special planning aims at formulating programmes, conditions and solutions of development and management of one or several types of activities and land areas. Detailed planning means planning of (a part) of municipal territory so as to establish conditions, obligations and rights relative to the use of a specific land plot and for developing activities on it. A Territorial Planning Date Bank is established (art. 21) and authorities responsible for administration of planning appointed (art. 23). The remaining part of this Act provides for transparency of planning procedures (arts. 25 to 29), supervision by state supervisory bodies of territorial planning (arts. 30 to 32), and for indemnification of damages and liability resulting from violation of provisions of this Law (art. 33).

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