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This Law, consisting of XIII Chapters, regulates the structure, rights and obligation and other requirements of a village and traditional village. The Village is a unit of community that has boundaries with the authority to regulate and manage the affairs of government, the interests of local communities based on community initiatives, the right of the origin, and/or traditional rights recognized and respected in the system of government of the Republic of Indonesia.This Law is divided as follows: General Provisions (Chap. I); Position and Type of Village (Chap. II); Reforming the Village (Chap. III); Authority of the Village (Chap. IV); Village Government Implementation (Chap. V); Rights and Obligations of the Village (Chap. VI); Regulation of the Village (Chap. VII); Financial Assets of Village (Chap. VIII); Village Development and Development of Rural Areas (Chap. IX); Owned Enterprises Village (Chap. X); Cooperation Village (Chap. XI); Village Community Institutions and Traditional Village (Chap. XII); Special Conditions of Traditional Village (Chap. XIII); Guidance and Supervision (Chap. XIV); Transitional Provisions (Chap. XV); Closing (Chap. XVI).

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