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Securing Land Rights of Smallholder Farmers
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Agosto 2021
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This report summarizes the background, achievements and emerging outcomes of the Securing Access to Land and Resources (SALaR) project implemented towards improving land and natural resources tenure security for rural poor smallholder farmers, including women, men, youth and vulnerable groups in Uganda, Philippines and Laos.

SALaR contributes to efforts by the German Government, through its Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, to improve food security, and it specifically helps to achieve the objectives of the Ministry’s “One World-No Hunger” initiative. Lessons learned as well as prospects for sustaining the gains and pursuing broader land rights advocacies are included in this report.

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Global Land Tool Network

The Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) is an alliance of global regional and national partners contributing to poverty alleviation through land reform, improved land management and security of tenure particularly through the development and dissemination of pro-poor and gender-sensitive land tools.

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