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Agosto 2019
África oriental

Livestock-wildlife interactions promote the transmission of a wide range of infectious diseases that constraint livestock production. We used a participatory appraisal approach to find out and rank infectious diseases of concern to pastoralists in a zone of intense wildlife-livestock interaction and another zone with limited interactions.

Reconsidering Sovereignty, Ownership and Consent in Natural Resource Contracts: From Concepts to Practice
Artículos de revistas y libros
Enero 2019

A wave of commercial investments in the natural resource sectors has rekindled debates about the place of contracts in the interface between economic governance and control over natural resources.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Diciembre 2018
Viet Nam

We estimate whether a land reform program led to higher incomes for ethnic minority households. In 2002, in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, Program 132 directed the transfer of farm land to ethnic minority households that had less than one hectare of land.

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Diciembre 2018
Burkina Faso
Sudán del Sur
República Centroafricana
África occidental

Feed and grazing management affect both the quantity and quality of animal manure and consequently nutrient cycling in the mixed crop-livestock systems in West Africa Sahel. Dietary measures can significantly influence the composition of manure and hence it’s agricultural value.

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Noviembre 2018

The interface between environment and conflict has gained traction in policy and security circles in recent times. Growing scholarly interest on the linkage stems from increasing awareness on the role climate change plays in precipitating resource contestations and conflict over depleting natural resources, particularly in poor regions.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Junio 2018
Países Bajos

This open access book examines more than two centuries of societal development using novel historical and statistical approaches. It applies the well-being monitor developed by Statistics Netherlands that has been endorsed by a significant part of the international, statistical community.

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