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Oxfam Great Britain
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Oxfam is a global movement of millions of people who share the belief that, in a world rich in resources, poverty isn't inevitable. In just 15 years, extreme poverty has been halved. 15 more years and we can end it for good.

To spread that change and make it last, political solutions are also needed to tackle the root causes of poverty and create societies where empowered individuals can thrive.

We will always act, we will speak out, and we won't live with poverty.



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Grounding Women's Land Rights: Towards equity and climate justice

Reports & Research
Agosto, 2023

 This policy paper reveals the urgent need for transformative change to  secure equitable land rights for women and marginalized communities.  By presenting recommendations for a broad spectrum of stakeholders  and analysing macroeconomic factors through a feminist lens, we aim  to stimulate discourse and drive forward a more equitable, sustainable  future for all. 

Building Farmer Cooperatives In Georgia

Reports & Research
Julio, 2015

Smallholder farmers in Georgia face multiple challenges, including low productivity and poor access to the inputs and capacities that they need. Oxfam and its partners are implementing a programme that aims to increase agricultural productivity and support the competitiveness of smallholder farmers. The project works with smallholder farmers to establish and strengthen business-oriented farmer groups. The project also promotes changes to national policy and legislation, in order to create a more conducive environment for their development.

Debate sobre a Terra em Moçambique

Reports & Research
Junio, 2012

A terra volta a ser tema de debate em Moçambique, cinco anos após a aprovação de uma lei de terras na sequência de uma ampla consulta, naquele que foi um dos processos mais democráticos vividos no país nos anos 1990. A lei grangeou elogios por proteger os direitos dos camponeses e por criar, ao mesmo tempo, espaço para o investimento estrangeiro. O novo debate gira em redor de duas questões:


Reports & Research
Julio, 2010

Tenure in Mystery collates information on land under conservation, forestry and mining in the Karamoja region. Whereas significant changes in the status of land tenure took place with the Parliamentary approval for degazettement of approximately 54% of the land area under wildlife conservation in 2002, little else happened to deliver this update to the beneficiary communities in the region. Instead enclaves of information emerged within the elite and political leadership, by means of which personal interests and rewards were being secured and protected.

Working on Land for Oxfam, 1997-2007 or Last Rites for Land Rights?

Reports & Research
Febrero, 2007

Extracts from a farewell talk. Includes back to the land; engaging with Oxfam International in Zimbabwe; working on the Zambian Copperbelt; supporting post-tsunami, post-conflict land and property rights advocacy in Aceh, Indonesia; helping to create and sustain national land alliances and support awareness campaigns in Africa; women’s land rights in Southern and Eastern Africa; concluding thoughts, some publications.