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Meet the people behind the Land Portal website! The Land Portal Foundation is comprised of several groups of people that are essential to the existence and upkeep of the Land Portal website and all other efforts of the Land Portal Foundation.



The Foundation is headed by a Board of Directors, while day to day operations are carried out by the Land Portal Team.  Both the Board and the Team are advised by a trusted group of advisors, both on a policy and technical level. 

Land Portal Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the Land Portal Foundation and oversee the general operations of the Foundation. The Board consists of experts in their own areas related to land, property rights and information management and are from various parts of the world. All are committed to the Foundation's vision and mission, and perform their duties on a voluntary basis; they receive no remuneration for their work and time devoted to the Foundation. Learn more about our Board members!

Land Portal Team

The Land Portal Team carries out the day-to-day management of the Land Portal website, as well as the various capacity building and grant programs of the Foundation. The Team is a small and dedicated group of people, disbursed across Europe and North America. Find out more about the Land Portal Team members!

Technical Advisory Group

Since the Land Portal's establishment in 2009, the Team has been guided by a trusted group of advisors. This group has been officialized as the Foundation became an independent Foundation and is now incorporated in the official Articles of Association. Find out more about the members of the Group and their respective backgrounds.


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