Improvement of the procedure of division of rented land parcels in Ukraine | Land Portal

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Diciembre 2015
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The current situation in land leasing in Ukraine is analysed, when a tenant of a land parcel with immovable property is sold in part, which causes the following controversy: the land parcel in someone’s lease has buildings or constructions owned by another physical or legal person (other than the tenant). The interested party wastes a lot of time on resolving this controversial situation with the existing procedures in Ukraine. This problem is not always solved professionally because of the lack of sellers’ and buyers’ knowledge of specific features of land management and geodesy. Three main variants of mutual location of the seller’s and the buyer’s buildings and constructions are defined, which determines the possibility of dividing a land parcel. Recommendations on the improvement of the procedure and normative legal acts of Ukraine concerning the issue are developed, aimed at significant acceleration of signing and registering new lease agreements.

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Trevoho, I., Lviv Polytechnic National Univ. (Ukraine)
Riabchii, Valeri, National Mining Univ., Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine)
Riabchii, Vladyslav, Lviv Polytechnic National Univ. (Ukraine)

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