An econometric model of technical efficiency effects in a stochastic frontier production function for agricultural land consolidation in the Republic of Moldova | Land Portal

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Diciembre 2010
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Economical efficiency reveals the quality of economical processes in
agricultural unities to produce positive financial effects with a minimum effort. In cereal
production the efficiency is influenced by a number of factors, which act together and
between them there is interdependence. We have used the stochastic frontier analysis for
calculating the economical efficiency of producing the cereal cultures in the Republic of
Moldova. Methodologically speaking, it is important to compare the traditional indicators used to evaluate the efficiency in agriculture (profitableness, unitary cost of production)
with the parameters that result from the stochastic frontier analysis. Considering the market
economy, the main objective of the economic agents is to use with a maximum of
efficiency the factors they have for raising income and profit. The suggested method of
evaluation the efficiency of cereal cultures allows appreciating how much each of the
analyzed factors influence the size of the output indicator and how much they are linked
one to each other.

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Cimpoieș, Dragoș
Racul, Anatol

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