Creating a Tourism Destination through Local Heritage: The Stakeholders’ Priorities in the Canavese Area (Northwest Italy) | Land Portal

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Marzo 2021
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A specific region, characterized by a significant natural and cultural heritage, is not necessarily a tourist destination. However, it can become so if there is active participation of local stakeholders oriented towards local development. In this context, this study focuses on a specific area, the Canavese (northwest Italy), which needs to find new regional development alternatives to the industrial sector. In particular, the research focused on the level of integration of local stakeholders and on their ability to identify common guidelines for tourist enhancement of the region. From an operational point of view, a survey of public and private stakeholders was carried out through a mixed-method approach divided into three stages: a questionnaire developed by a group of experts and individual interviews carried out by the Delphi method, presentation of the results, and identification of local priorities by the nominal group technique. Findings show the opportunity to act on specific elements to enhance local tourism offerings: outdoor nature and landscape, culture, and food and wine. Moreover, the stakeholders underlined the need for coordination among the parties involved to strengthen the local system. This activity should be supported by a single third party capable of managing the various phases of local development.

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Beltramo, Riccardo
Peira, Giovanni
Bonadonna, Alessandro


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