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Diciembre, 1998

The Albanian Parliament approved the constitution and it was signed by President Rexhep Meidani following approval of 91.1% of voters in a popular referendum.

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Julio, 1998

This Law amends Law No. 7665 on the Priority Tourism Development Zones by replacing throughout the text the words “Ministry of Tourism” with “Committee for Tourism Development”, and the words “Minister of Tourism” with “Chair of the Tourism Development Committee”.

Amends: Law No. 7665 on the Priority Tourism Development Zones. (1993-01-21)

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Albania, Europa, Europa meridional

The Decision No. 445 of 2010 proclaims the archeological zone A of the city of Elbasan according to the map attached to it and approves the regulation for its administration. The Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports is the responsible authority for its implementation. The regulation lays down rules and procedures regarding the permissible interventions, the archeological findings, and the antics rescue missions.

Implements: Law No. 9048 on cultural heritage. (2003-04-07)

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