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Our aim (UTMS) is to provide quality in education, equal to those of the best schools in Europe and all over the world, where students are prepared to successfully incorporate themselves in the highly competitive and ever-changing business market. Moreover, we strive to implement continuous quality in all aspects of the University, thus being a role model to our students and to be distinguished by its excellence in study methodology, high quality learning environment, its passion for innovation and its readiness to accept challenges in its educational mission.

The mission of the UTMS is to foster academic excellence and student achievement at both the graduate and undergraduate levels in the field of tourism, economy, entrepreneurship, human resources management and marketing management. Students are provided with a strong academic foundation with access to various specialized knowledge bases and they are prepared to become productive, competent professionals, and responsible citizens in the diverse, dynamic global arena.

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Publicación revisada por pares
Junio, 2015

The purpose of this study is to introduce tourism, externalities, and public goods to a small-open growth with endogenous wealth and public goods supply. We develop the model on the basis of the Solow-Uzawa growth model, the neoclassical neoclassical growth theory with externalities, and ideas from tourism economics. The economy consists of three – service, industrial, and public - sectors. The production side is based on the traditional growth theories, while the household behavior is described by an alternative utility function proposed by Zhang.

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Publicación revisada por pares
Diciembre, 2011

Kazakhstan land is rich with position of biological, climatic, cultural and natural variety, which promotes the tempestuous development of the tourist business. As it is well known, tourist business is a highly profitable branch to economic activity. Exactly so one of the priority direction of the economy in Kazakhstan is determined "tourist cluster". Its shaping means the development to tourist industry, making the tourist products and rendering the tourist services, which can compete on the world market.

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