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A collaboration between Landesa and TMP systems, the Social License Platform (SLP) is a web-based service that helps companies and investors find the expertise needed to perform due diligence, meet applicable land-related environmental and social standards, and achieve smarter and more successful land-based projects and investments in land, while promoting better outcomes for local communities. The rationale for this initiative is that companies do not in general have access to relevant sources of expertise on land tenure related risks and related governance challenges on the ground in realising effective community engagement and developing sustainable partnerships.  These constraints affect companies investing in land from HQ and board levels down to the day to day management of field operations, and frustrate the design and planning of more responsible investment projects and the spread of good practice. The platform companies and investors to qualified service providers including e specialist professionals, knowledgeable researchers and local and international NGOs with a view to establishing trust-based collaboration with civil society organisations, local communities and others across the investment lifecycle and in alignment with national and international best practice. 

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Enero, 2019

The Social License Platform (SLP) matches businesses with the services and expertise they need to ensure that investments in agricultural land create growth opportunities for both business and local communities, while respecting the land rights of the communities that use the land.

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