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Community / Land projects / National Programme for Sustainable Human Development (PNDHD)

National Programme for Sustainable Human Development (PNDHD)


11/07 - 06/14


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The goal of the programme was to fight against poverty in the poorest areas of the Comorian rural population (Ngazidja, Moheli, Anjouan) and establish a Community system management and sustainable exploitation of natural capital, while providing 10,000 beneficiary households with increased agricultural productivity, it will improve incomes, the food situation and living conditions of the households. On land and natural resource governance, the programme goal was to strengthen governance at the local and community level and good land management. It introduced a pilot for land tenure security for the first three years of its operation, it supported the rehabilitation of land, sustainable land management at the local level including environmental conservation and agricultural production, livestock development and promotion of artisanal fisheries. Women's access to land was recognized as a priority. The political dialogue focused on women's access to land.

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