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The Land Portal Foundation works to create a better information ecosystem for land governance through a platform based on cutting-edge linked and open data technologies. By becoming a member of the Land Portal, you can contribute to this ecosystem, by creating knowledge, by sharing news, blogs or events, or even by simply becoming involved in the various debates that take place. It is important to note that the information that you share on the Land Portal will be published as Linked Open Data. Your information will be free to download, use and re-use by anyone, but you will always retain ownership.  Learn more about the possibilities here.

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While the free sharing information is an important part of the process, after all one of the main principles of open data is information dissemination without restrictions, we also feel it is important to keep each and every one of you updated on our progress.  If you care to keep up with the work that we do, sign up to one of our newsletters below.

Thinking of joining, but still have some questions? Feel free to send us a message anytime at

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