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Earth Observations for Humanitarian Applications

05 Juin 2024 - 19 Juin 2024

NASA’s Applied Remote Sensing Training Program (ARSET) has opened a new open, online webinar series: Earth Observations for Humanitarian Applications. Refugees, internally displaced people (IDPs), and other displaced populations are made more vulnerable to climate change impacts due to their socio-political marginalization. This three-part, intermediate training presents concrete strategies for mapping localized climate conditions with risks faced by refugee and IDP communities around the world.

The training will focus on flood risk assessments and specific challenges for assessing flood risk in refugee and IDP camps; gauging long-term heat stress in refugee camps and the challenges with decision making surrounding heat risk; and monitoring drought effects on agricultural landscapes in refugee settings using Earth observations (EO) to explore the correlations between anomalies in crop productivity and weather-based factors


Sécuriser le foncier et prévenir les conflits agropastoraux en Afrique centrale et de l’Ouest

23 Novembre 2021 - 26 Novembre 2021

Du 23 au 26 novembre se tiendra à N’Djaména au Tchad, un colloque soutenu par l’IRD sur la question de la sécurisation du foncier agropastoral et la prévention des conflits agropastoraux en Afrique centrale et de l’Ouest.

Institut de recherche pour le développement

LAND-at-scale Knowledge Management Launch

29 Juin 2021

Knowledge management and learning is at the heart of the LAND-at-scale program. For this reason, RVO is excited to announce a partnership with LANDac and the International Land Coalition for the implementation of an integrated knowledge management component as part of the program.

Netherlands Enterprise & Development Agency
International Land Coalition

Restaurer les zones arides de l'Afrique: accélérer l'action sur le terrain

02 Juin 2021 - 03 Juin 2021
Marshall Islands

Les zones arides d'Afrique sont le berceau de certaines des civilisations et des espèces les plus extraordinaires du monde, des anciens royaumes aux éléphants sauvages en passant par les «céréales miracles» comme le mil et le sorgho - mais le changement climatique n'a pas été favorable à ces paysages.

Global Landscapes Forum

KOSMOS-Workshop: Post-conflict scenarios of land use in Colombia

25 Juin 2019
HU Geography Department -- Erwin Schrödinger-Zentrum, Raum 0'310
Rudower Chaussee 26

Given the uncertainties generated after the peace agreements in Colombia, we believe that understanding and studying the most relevant transformation agents and potential socio-ecological pathways into the future is a key step to develop pro-active management strategies.

Documentary screening on a mining conflict in KwaZulu-Natal: This land

07 Février 2019
Pieter de la Courtgebouw / Faculty of Social Sciences, Room 5A-42
, Wassenaarseweg 52

​The Land & Accountability Research Centre (LARC) at the University of Cape Town commissioned the vivid documentary film This Land as a way for rural people to bring the untold story of their struggle for rights and accountability on communal land into urban forums of legislative, political and corporate decision-making.

African Studies Centre Leiden
Land and Accountability Research Centre