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forêts privées

Foret privée, foret des particuliers dont l'exploitation est soumise aux règles communes a tout terrain forestier (permis de couple, bordereau de route…).

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décembre 2011
République-Unie de Tanzanie

Tanzania's land, local government and forest laws mean that rural communities have well defined rights to own, manage and benefit from forest and woodland resources within their local areas through the establishment of village forests.

janvier 2011

This Regulation of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) implements provisions of the Community Rights Law of 2009 with Respect to Forest Lands ("Community Rights Law"), and determines the rules, guidelines and procedures for the establishment of authorized forest communities and to access, manage, use and the benefits of forest resources within the Republic of Liberia, and participation by

juin 2009

This Regulation hereby prescribes the mandatory supervision rules, aimed at the control over the execution of the preparation of forest-economic documents or plans (for private and state owned forests).Forest-economic planning documents are projects assignment for the preparation of the forest-economic basis, including the classification of forests and forest land in ecological-productive terms

Politiques nationales
juin 2006

The overall objective of the present national cross-sectoral Forest Policy is to achieve sustainable forest management that would ensure sustainable increases in the economic, social and environmental benefits from forests and trees for the present and future generation including the poor and the vulnerable groups.

Politiques nationales
janvier 1999

The Jamaica National Environmental Action Plan (JANEAP) is a national Plan with a multi-sectoral approach. The duration of the Plan is 3 years between 1999 and 2002.

Politiques nationales
avril 1997

The National Policy on Forests developed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry is a nation-wide sectoral document for designating the complex of actions shaping relations between humankind and forests, with the aim of preserving the conditions for the indefinite maintenance of the multi-functionality of forests, their multi-faceted utility and protection an

juillet 1992
Saint-Vincent-et-les Grenadines

This Act provides with respect to the management and conservation of forest resources in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It also provides for the protection of water resources present in forest areas and lease of forest land.

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