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The act or process of governing, especially the control and administration of public policy in a political unit.

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Corruption, Discrimination and Land Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa
Rapports et recherches
avril 2024
Afrique sub-saharienne
Afrique du Sud

In 2021, Transparency International and the Equal Rights Trust published Defying Exclusion: Stories and Insights on the Links between Discrimination and Corruption. Bringing together a diverse group of case studies from across the globe, it documented and illustrated the mutually reinforcing links – the vicious cycle – between discrimination and corruption.

Écoles durables Orientations conceptuelles et méthodologiques
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janvier 2024

Cette publication présente le travail d'une feuille de route développée pour les gouvernements et les communautés intéressés par la mise en œuvre de la méthodologie des écoles durables, développée par le gouvernement du Brésil, par le biais de l'Agence brésilienne de coopération, du Fonds national de développement de l'éducation et de la FAO.

janvier 2024
États-Unis d'Amérique

Since independence, the Government of Sri Lanka has implemented various policies and initiatives to boost agricultural production. One of the enduring, costly, and politically sensitive measures aimed at promoting paddy farming has been the fertilizer subsidy program which was initiated in 1962 and continued for over six decades.

janvier 2024

We assessed how people adapt to climate change in the context of forests through a systematic review of the international empirical research literature. We found that drought, precipitation variability, extreme precipitation and flooding, and extreme heat were the climatic stressors to which responses were most frequently documented.

janvier 2024

This roadmap aims to guide Yemeni policymakers in streamlining climate security consideration into policy and to highlight priorities for support to donors by providing short, medium, and long-term needs and requirements for mainstreaming. The roadmap considers the nation of Yemen as a whole and targets institutions within the internationally-recognised Government of Yemen.

janvier 2024

The database contains information from interviews with government, research, social movement and international cooperation actors on the inclusion of gender and intersectionality in Colombian land, climate change and food policies
Methodology: Semi-structured interviews, discourse analysis (2024-01)

janvier 2024

Central Asia is highly vulnerable to climate change threats, which have negatively impacted both humans and wildlife. Tajikistan, one of the least urbanized countries in the region, is prone to natural disasters, disruptions in rainfall, growing temperatures, reductions in glacial cover, and extreme weather events (Zoï Environment Network 2020; Green Climate Fund [GCF] 2020).

janvier 2024

Building healthier and more sustainable food systems while reducing poverty is a major goal of the Ghanaian government.

janvier 2024

Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls is reflected across policy priorities at global and national levels. Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5) seeks to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.

janvier 2024

Context and planMauritania has immense land reserves. Its national land bank is estimated at 502,000 ha, more than enough to promote agribusiness and achieve food self-sufficiency.

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