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A group of people, or of some other animals, composed of parents and offspring.

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janvier 2024

Persistent gender inequalities challenge theory and praxis of community-based collective action. Here we adopt an innovative approach which integrates environmental justice, value chain inclusion and collective action theory to diagnose inequalities in community- based organizations (CBOs) and identify strategies to address them.

Rapports et recherches
août 2023
Amérique latine et Caraïbes

O Panorama Regional de Segurança Alimentar e Nutrição é uma publicação que apresenta uma atualização sobre a situação da segurança alimentar e nutrição na América Latina e no Caribe.

Capa: Andre Dib / WWF-Brasil
Rapports et recherches
mai 2023
Amérique du Sud

A ciência tem mostrado nas últimas décadas que a conta- minação por mercúrio (Hg) é um problema ambiental e de saúde pública. Uma importante fonte poluidora é o garim- po ilegal de ouro, que vem crescendo vertiginosamente, deixando um rastro de destruição.

janvier 2023

Context and Background:Women represent close to 51% of the Cameroonian population and they are more than 70% active in food and market gardening  activities (INS, 2010). To this end, they need land and  capital to carry out their activities in order to make agriculture profitable and ensure food security for their families.

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Documents de politique et mémoires
octobre 2022

El documento destaca que en América Latina “se viene observando que el proceso de acceso, tenencia y uso de la tierra para agricultoras y agricultores familiares campesinos e indígenas es cada vez más complejo” y subraya que hay “aspectos jurídicos, legales y sociales complican dicho proceso y configuran fenómenos de exclusión, desalojos y en muchos casos violencia estatal y paraestatal

Establishment of Land Management Instruments and Institutional Framework to Address Land Abandonment
Rapports et recherches
février 2022

The agricultural sector in Armenia contributes around 20 percent to gross domestic product and provides employment to around 40 percent of the country’s labour force. The backbone of agriculture in the country is represented by smallholders and family farms.

janvier 2022

The government of Ghana through the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources of Ghana has been assisting customary land authorities to strengthen customary land administration through the establishment customary land secretariats.

janvier 2022

ABSTRACT Amuru district in northern Uganda has had intense land rights violations over the past fourteen years. There have been large scale land investments for commercial agriculture and other activities with limited community engagement, In many families men have sold off family land to ‘investors’ without consultation of their wives.

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