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Bibliothèque Land market and e-services in Bulgaria

Land market and e-services in Bulgaria

Land market and e-services in Bulgaria

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Avril 2007
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Bulgaria faced and still is facing many challenges in the accession process to the EU. Free movement of capital, and especially the development of the land market, is one of them. Although a progress has been made, land prices are still below the EU average prices. There are different reasons for this as, for example, very fragmented land after the restitution process, chaotic transactions, lack of bank credits for agricultural purposes, unrealistic expectations after the accession to the EU and others. The land lease continues to be the preferred way for land cultivation instead of buying it. All those problems are studied in the current paper. A concept for e-service which could contribute to solve the problems is introduced; relevant e-services are summarized and a particular solution that uses the results of the eTen project is presented. It is described how this solution could be used in the Bulgarian land market.

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Stoyneva, D.,URSIT Ltd., Sofia (Bulgaria)

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