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Governing the Resource of Data_To What End and for Whom

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janvier 2022
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This paper by Anita Gurumurthy and Nandini Chami presents the building blocks of an economic governance regime for data that can contribute to the growth of the digital economy by unlocking the potential of data. The de facto enclosure of data by platform monopolies not only creates a skewed market place with exclusionary effects, it also presents a huge opportunity cost in terms of the unrealized public and social value of data. The paper unpacks the limits of emerging approaches to data governance – both, individualist and collective – arguing why such frameworks do not go far enough. It offers a semi-commons approach to ordering the digital economy as a means to achieve ‘distributive integrity’.

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Anita Gurumurthy

Nandini Chami

Data Governance Network

The Data Governance Network is developing a multi-disciplinary community of
researchers tackling India's next policy frontiers: data-enabled policymaking and the
digital economy. At DGN, we work to cultivate and communicate research stemming
from diverse viewpoints on market regulation, information privacy and digital rights.
Our hope is to generate balanced and networked perspectives on data governance —
thereby helping governments make smart policy choices which advance the
empowerment and protection of individuals in today's data-rich environment

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