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janvier, 2000

Outlines purpose of the workshop, DFID’s wider goal, background, anticipated outcomes, assumptions, workshop process, DFID’s criteria for financial and technical support to network activities, checklist for regional discussion groups.

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SPUR aims to support Government of Bihar strengthen governance at state and urban local government levels to enable affordable and sustainable access to basic services, especially by poor people. Working with Bihar's Urban Development Department and Urban Local Bodies will sustain urban services and attract private investment.

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Urbanisation and economic transformation - the growth of non-farm, industrial and service sectors - offer many opportunities for improvements in poor people's lives.The crucial challenge is to ensure that places work better for people, providing an enabling and supporting environment for changing livelihoods and economies. But all too often there is a failure to recognise and manage the urban transition, resulting in the continuing urbanisation of poverty, vulnerability and exclusion.

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Somalie, Kenya, Soudan

Two images have dominated the northern media in recent months.The first is of desolation in remote, rural areas in Africa affected by drought, conflict or famine, such as in Somalia, northern Kenya or Darfur, Sudan. The second is a different kind of desolation - that of urban squalor as portrayed in the film «The Constant Gardener». Nairobi's Kibera, which provides a backdrop for the film, is a bustling shantytown with a population of ca.

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