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Pensoft Publishers (also known as: Pensoft) are an independent academic publishing company, well known worldwide for its innovative, cutting-edge publishing tools, workflows and methods for text and data publishing of journals, books and conference materials. Through its Research and Technical Development department, the company is involved in various research and technology projects. Pensoft also provides services in website design and development, building of integrated publishing platforms and in science communication.

Founded in 1992 "by scientists, for scientists" and initially focusing on book publishing, Pensoft is now a leading publisher of innovative open access journals. Pensoft has published more than 1,000 books and over 11,500 open access articles in a number of academic journals, hosted on the ARPHA Publishing Platform developed by the company. Among them, worth mentioning are Research Ideas and OutcomesZooKeysBiodiversity Data JournalPhytoKeysMycoKeysNature ConservationNeoBiotaComparative Cytogenetics and many others. In 2010, Pensoft was the first publisher to implement semantic tagging and enrichment of published articles as a routine editorial practice.

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Library Resource
Articles et Livres
décembre, 2014

The anthropocene is the age where human influences are determining the development of the planet’s ecosystems and thus the bio-physical basis of future human civilisations. Today China has become the world’s largest economy and its worst polluter with per capita greenhouse gas emissions surpassing the EU average, the world’s largest consumer of all kinds of resources.

Library Resource
Articles et Livres
décembre, 2013
Suède, Europe

Currently, we are experiencing biodiversity loss on different spatial scales. One of the best studied taxonomic groups in decline is the butterflies. Here, we review evidence for such declines using five systematic studies from southern Sweden that compare old butterfly surveys with the current situation. Additionally, we provide data on butterfly and burnet moth extinctions in the region’s counties. In some local areas, half of the butterfly fauna has been lost during the last 60-100 years. In terms of extinctions, counties have lost 2-10 butterfly and burnet moth species.

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