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Community / Land projects / Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project

Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project


01/12 - 01/17


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The Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP), which is supported by USAID and the World Bank, has four components: (1) Strengthening investment promotion infrastructure, facilitating secure access to land. This component promotes a secure investment climate that clarifies and strengthens the rights and obligations of investors, government and affected communities, and support an improved mechanism for facilitating access to land by reducing the search costs to potential investors through an expansion of a database of land suitable and available for investors and by building on nascent mechanisms for actively matching potential investors with suitable land owners. (2) Securing Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and small-holder linkages in the Accra Plains. This component will conclude one or two transactions for PPPs in an irrigation investment in the Accra Plains. (3) Securing PPPs and small-holder linkages in the SADA Zone. This component involves support to the identification and realization of private investments in inclusive commercial agricultural arrangements in the agricultural value chain through PPPs, complementary public investments, and technical assistance concentrated in the SADA zone. (4) Project management, monitoring and evaluation. This component finances the operations of the project implementing agencies. Objectives Increased access to land, private sector finance, input and output markets by smallholder farms from private public partnerships in commercial agriculture in Accra Plains and Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) zone.