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title deeds

the title deed of a property is the document which evidences or proves ownership of the property.

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With USAID support through the Land for Prosperity Activity, the Colombian government has begun deli
20 March 2023
Latin America and the Caribbean
South America

With USAID support through the Land for Prosperity Activity, the Colombian government has begun delivering land titles as part of a far-reaching project to transform the territory and meet the Peace Accord commitments

Le Dr Elie Jean-Pierre Nongou/Adiac
13 December 2022

Dans sa thèse de doctorat soutenue le 10 décembre à Brazzaville sur le thème « La propriété foncière en République du Congo », Elie Jean-Pierre Nongou a proposé au législateur congolais de faire l’effort de légiférer à partir des réalités des fonctionnements sociaux et non à partir des concepts idéologiques désincarnés.

1 February 2022

The multiplicity of acts of ownership or enjoyment, the non-respect by the actors of their fields of competence, the anarchic occupation of the public domain, the insufficiency and / or inadequacy of the modes of advertising during the procedure of registration of plots of land, the slowness in the processing of land files and

27 November 2021
Sri Lanka

Govt. has declared our ancestral lands as wildlife reserve areas, say farmers

In Chundikulam village, located on the eastern tip of Jaffna Peninsula, farmers are facing a peculiar challenge.

2 November 2021
South Africa

Residents of Monakato, Madikwe and Rustenburg (Tlhabane) staying in houses they received during the former home land of Bophuthatswana were giver guarantee of ownership of what has been their homes for decades and across generations. Over 400 residents were given title deeds during a ceremony held in Monakato Community hall recently.

17 November 2021
South-Eastern Asia

MANILA – The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) is hoping its proposed budget for 2022 for its land titling project will be restored during the bicameral committee deliberation of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

23 September 2021

In Cameroon, large numbers of people are leaving the countryside in the hope of a better life in towns and cities. 

This exodus is driven by high poverty in rural regions and is further exacerbated by the ongoing conflicts in many parts of the country.

25 August 2021

A TOTAL of 250 women from 14 wards of Kilwa District in Lindi Region will soon receive customary title deeds, something that will enable them to access loans, thus engage fully in economic activities including agriculture.

This has been possible through the Kilwa Local Rights Programme that is being executed by ActionAid Kilwa.

nmb loan
12 August 2021

NMB Bank Plc has unveiled a partnership with the government to launch a new micro- loan facility,
designed to help their clients survey and register their land to secure title deeds

Mayor blames pandemic for slow land delivery
17 August 2020

The Otavi Town Council has vowed to fast track the allocation of plots after a number of residents complained they are yet to be presented with proof of ownership despite paying for the land almost a year ago. 
Mayor George Garab said the local authority will act with urgency to resolve the issue to allow residents to construct their homes. 

‘Govt losing billions for uncollected revenues’_IPP media
27 May 2021

THE government is losing billions in uncollected revenues due to slow pace in planning, surveying and leasing land, the House heard yesterday

Debating the 2021/22 budget estimates for the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlement Development in Dodoma, the lawmakers said land is the only resource that if well managed, can earn the government fortune.



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