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Suelos, aguas y semillas
Manuals & Guidelines
December 2022
Latin America and the Caribbean

La idea no fue hacer un manual de tecnologías o cultivos, que ya hay muchos y muy buenos, adaptados a situaciones y territorios concretos de toda América Latina. Sí quisimos plantear una posición conceptual y técnica, que siempre es política, y acercar experiencias que pueden ser útiles para las producciones concretas.

Decenio AF
Manuals & Guidelines
November 2022

El Observatorio del Cambio Rural – Ocaru- en el marco de su campaña <<Si el Campo No Siembra>>, comparte los aportes para la implementación del Decenio de las Naciones Unidas de la Agricultura Familiar en Ecuador, coordinado por el Comité Nacional de Agricultura Familiar Campesina Comunitaria del Ecuador – CNAFCC.

Peer-reviewed publication
October 2022
Middle Africa

L’agriculture dite de « seconde génération » est désormais le chemin à suivre pour le développement du Cameroun. Dans cet article, il est question de saisir la signification de ce concept et d’explorer les conditions d’une mise en œuvre réussie.

National gender profile of agriculture and rural livelihoods Azerbaijan
Reports & Research
September 2022

This country gender assessment (CGA) for the Republic of Azerbaijan was undertaken as part of FAO and national commitments to promote gender equality while integrating a gender perspective into its operations.

Healthy people, healthy planet
Journal Articles & Books
July 2022

We cannot live without healthy soil and land. It is on these resources that we produce most of our food and build our homes. We need them to provide clean water and precious plant nutrients, to conserve biological diversity and to cope with climate change. And they form the basis for the livelihoods of millions of people.

Manuals & Guidelines
Legislation & Policies
May 2022
Burkina Faso

Guide en images à l'usage des zones rurales. Un outil de sensibilisation et de vulgarisation


BTI 2022 Country Report Azerbaijan
Reports & Research
May 2022

During the reporting period, the consolidation of authoritarian rule in Azerbaijan continued. Snap parliamentary elections in February 2020 did not meet international standards for free and fair competition. However, some notorious high-ranking state officials were fired, and corrupt local level administrators detained on corruption charges.

Reports & Research
May 2022
South-Eastern Asia
United Kingdom


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