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The term commons is most frequently used to refer to those natural resources that are held in common by a community.

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June 2012

Land is the integrating component of all
livelihoods depending on farm, forest, rangeland, or water
(rivers, lakes, coastal marine) habitats. Due to varying
political, social, and economic factors, the heavy use of
natural resources to supply a rapidly growing global

March 2012

Although increased global demand for
land has led to renewed interest in African land tenure, few
models to address these issues quickly and at the required
scale have been identified or evaluated. The case of
Rwanda's nation-wide and relatively low-cost land

Journal Articles & Books
September 2011

kenya land alliance download :Memorandum On Continued Engagement With The Ministry Of Lands On Land Reforms Presented To: The Ministry Of Lands. The approval by the public of the Constitution at the referendum on August 4, 2010 and its promulgation on August 27, 2010 heralded a new dawn of governance in Kenya.

January 2011

This is a judgment of Supreme Court of India to check grabbing of village common land including ponds and water bodies (called in different names) by unscrupulous persons, political clout, powerful vested interests, corrupt state authorities, etc by fraudulent practices and ensure their protection and safeguard.

Journal Articles & Books
January 2011
Latin America and the Caribbean

Recientemente, se ha renovado el interés en fomentar el desarrollo agrícola sostenible unido a una búsqueda de políticas e innovaciones institucionales que lo favorezcan. Los pagos por servicios ambientales (PSA) son un instrumento normativo relativamente nuevo y diseñado para incentivar la provisión de externalidades positivas para el medio ambiente.

Reports & Research
December 2010

The study is an attempt to bring to  the fore a Commons perspective of agriculture,livestock and rural   livelihoods  in  the  dryland and tribal areas of  India.  Would  agriculture,  livestock and  rural livelihoods sustain in  the absence  of the support  provided  by  Commons.

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