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July 1996

o presente trabalho e uma compilação de vàrios artigos que sintetizam os resultados de pesquisas de campo sobre acesso e segurança de posse de terra efectuados nos liltimos cinco anos em Moçambique.

Land tenure in Zambia
Reports & Research
October 1995

The Government of Zambia is embarking on an ambitious program of legal and administrative reforms in land policy. Although the need to liberalize the land market is universally shared, the ideas on how to accomplish this transformation are not.

Policy Papers & Briefs
December 1994
Southern Asia
Eastern Asia

A large body of literature makes the argument that commercialization of agriculture has mainly negative effects on the employment, incomes, food production and consumption, health, and nutrition of the poor.

Conference Papers & Reports
November 1994

L'étude sur l'harmonisation des politiques agricoles dans les Etats membres de l'Organisation du Bassin de la Rivière KAGERA répond donne a cette nécessité de fournir une information sur la situation de l'agriculture dans cette sous-région de l'OBK à toute la Communauté internationale (promoteurs/operateurs économiques, bailleurs de fonds bilatéraux et multilatéraux; in

Reports & Research
June 1994

The first four years of the 1990s indicate that African economies have grown by a mere 1.5 per cent per annum worse than during the "lost decade" of the 1980s when Africa's economic annual growth rate was on average 1.8 per cent during the period 1980-1990.

Reports & Research
January 1992

African Agriculture is in crisis. Serious deterioration in the terms of trade, frequent droughts, growing expenditure on food imports, and rapid population growth on an ecologically fragile agricultural resource base have, all combined to prevent African agriculture from playing its vital role as the engine of economic development of the continent.

Reports & Research
August 1991

The project identification, preparation, appraisal and loan negotiation capabilities of the Research and Planning Section of the MOAC should be further strengthened preferably with technical assistance from outside.

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