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Reports & Research
January 2023

Au Mali, la gouvernance des terres et des ressources naturelles, longtemps fondée sur le principe de la domanialité publique, n’a pas réussi à mieux sécuriser les droits des communautés locales ni à empêcher la dégradation desdites ressources.

Conference Papers & Reports
September 2022

Le climat de la planète Terre change et le Cameroun, comme d’autres nations africaines, en subit les conséquences. Les risques physiques liés au changement climatique et les impacts déjà élevés des dangers aigus et chroniques exposent le Cameroun à de graves pertes économiques et de bien-être et menacent sa trajectoire de développement.

Peer-reviewed publication
May 2022

Comment retrouver une capacité à agir pour un idéal de justice sociale et écologique ? Comment remobiliser nos sens et habiter en conscience et en responsabilité nos territoires ?

Peer-reviewed publication
February 2021

Many countries grapple with the intractable problem of formalizing tenure security. The concept of ‘fit-for-purpose land administration’ (FFPLA) offers a way forward by advocating a shift towards a more flexible, pragmatic and inclusive approach for land rights recording.

Land Use Policy
Peer-reviewed publication
February 2021
Central America
South America

Participatory water governance has become highly influential around the world as a means for managing water resources. Scholars and practitioners advocate for the inclusion of previously marginalized communities in water resources management through the devolution of power, responsibility, and participation.

Peer-reviewed publication
September 2020

Worldwide urban spatial expansion has become a hot topic in recent decades. To develop effective urban growth containment strategies, it is important to understand the spatial patterns and driving forces of urban sprawl.

Peer-reviewed publication
June 2018

This paper addresses pastoral resilience by drawing out the coping strategies and mechanisms utilized by the Maasai Pastoralists through a food system approach, based on the study findings of an anthropological study of pastoralism as a food system in Laikipia County, Rift Valley, Kenya.

Training Resources & Tools
Policy Papers & Briefs
May 2017
Eastern Asia

This policy note discusses strengthening institutions for urban and metropolitan management and service delivery and is part of a broader Philippines urbanization study. Strong institutions are critical to the effective management of cities, the delivery of efficient urban services and infrastructure, and the establishment of an enabling environment for business and job creation.

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