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September 2023

Given the short time-frame to limit global warming, and the current emissions gap, it is critical to prioritise mitigation actions. To date, scant attention has been paid to the mitigation benefits of primary forest protection. We estimated tropical forest ecosystem carbon stocks and flows.

Reports & Research
July 2022
Après un débat sur « La sobriété sous le regard de la jeunesse » le 7 juillet dernier, le Comité 21 publie une nouvelle note qui évoque le rôle des jeunes dans la transformation structurelle nécessaire pour répondre aux enjeux sociaux et environnementaux de la société.
Azerbaijan: Systematic Country Diagnostic Update
Reports & Research
June 2022

The Azerbaijan Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) Update 2022 identifies the most critical challenges facing the government in the effort to achieve the country’s national goals and the twin goals of eradicating extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity. It also identifies policy priorities to address these challenges within a changing economic and geopolitical environment.

Doing Business in Azerbaijan
Reports & Research
May 2022

According to the Constitution adopted on 12 November 1995, Azerbaijan is a democratic, secular, unitary republic based on the rule of law. The country is governed by the president, who is directly elected for a seven-year term by popular vote. Azerbaijan’s vast oil reserves attract foreign investment into the country’s economy. Several major oil contracts have been signed since 1994.

Manuals & Guidelines
March 2022
Les politiques et les mesures économiques des dernières décennies ont contribué à la dégradation excessive du capital naturel et à une augmentation considérable des risques environnementaux.
Reports & Research
March 2022
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Côte d'Ivoire

La présente étude constitue une synthèse des données qualitatives et quantitatives des impacts de l’accord de partenariat volontaire (APV) UE-FLEGT dans sept pays : le Cameroun, le Ghana, l’Indonésie, la République du Congo, la Côte d’Ivoire, le Guyana et le Honduras.

Paper imperialist appropriation the world economy
Journal Articles & Books
March 2022

Unequal exchange theory posits that economic growth in the “advanced economies” of the global North relies on a large net appropriation of resources and labour from the global South, extracted through price differentials in international trade.

Reports & Research
February 2022

The governing Georgian Dream party (GD) continues to control all branches of the state. Although the UNM-led opposition put pressure on the GD government, it won a third term in allegedly fraudulent parliamentary elections on October 31, 2020. The opposition refused to take up their seats in the new parliament, which led to a political deadlock.

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