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Peer-reviewed publication
June 2016

Urbanization in Spain has advanced rapidly in the last twenty years or so. The phenomenon was particularly pronounced in the period spanning 1990-2007, when the construction of housing on a mass scale was a clear indicator of the second circuit of capital accumulation, with space playing a key role through the work of David Harvey.

Peer-reviewed publication
June 2016
Eastern Europe

The post-Cold War conditions, following the collapse of the USSR, brought radical socio-economic changes in Central and Eastern Europe, including the process of military restructuring – a process of military relocation, which resulted in huge amounts of under-used land.

June 2016

Over the last 20 years, poor rural
farmers in Nigeria have seen the benefits of community
organization as a tool for local economic development under
the National Fadama Development Project series. They have
witnessed improvements in rural areas that have embraced a

June 2016
Latin America and the Caribbean

Over the last decade, the countries of
the Latin America and the Caribbean region experienced a
deep economic and social transformation which lifted
millions out of poverty and swelled the ranks of the middle
class. Strong economic growth driven by both domestic

June 2016

The Malawi Urbanization Review aims to
provide fresh perspectives on urbanization in Malawi, by
analyzing the current and potential contribution of
urbanization to long-term national development and the
current institutional and financial capacity of local

Policy Papers & Briefs
June 2016

Au moment de finaliser le Nouvel Agenda Urbain, les États membres des Nations Unies devraient aborder la question du foncier comme secteur d’intérêt clé et inclure la terre dans tous les types d’établissements humains : urbains, périurbains, et ruraux, riches ou pauvres.

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