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Peer-reviewed publication
June 2020
South Sudan
Central African Republic
Burkina Faso

The Re-Greening of the West African Sahel has attracted great interdisciplinary interest since it was originally detected in the mid-2000s. Studies have investigated vegetation patterns at regional scales using a time series of coarse resolution remote sensing analyses. Fewer have attempted to explain the processes behind these patterns at local scales.

Imagen de agua
Reports & Research
June 2020
Central America
South America

En el informe N°7 de Rimisp - Centro Latinoamericano para el Desarrollo Rural,  sobre los efectos del coronavirus en América Latina, las investigadoras Daniela García y Lola Hiernaux profundizan en la gestión y disponibilidad del agua, elemento de vital importancia para evitar la propagación del virus responsable del COVID-19 y restablecer la salud pública. 

May 2020

As water is the most disruptive element in the ongoing climate crisis, how land is managed plays a major role in taming this disruption. This publication shows that avoiding, reducing and reversing land degradation can have positive long-term gains in water security.

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Manuals & Guidelines
March 2020

Bien qu’étant une des ressources les plus essentielles pour toute vie sur Terre, l’eau douce ne représente que 3% des ressources d’eau de la planète, et seulement 0,5% de cette eau douce est facilement accessible aux humains.

Peer-reviewed publication
January 2020

The multiple forms of land acquisitions show direct and indirect implications on water. The motive to utilize, control or grab water is devised through acquiring land. There are embedded water issues in almost all land acquisitions. Practical challenges are explored especially in keeping the balance of water securities.

Bhutan Systematic Country Diagnostic
Reports & Research
January 2020

Bhutan is a small, landlocked country deep in the eastern Himalayas between India and China. Over a horizontal distance of just 100-150 km, the elevation rises from about 150 meters above sea level in the south to over 7,000 meters in the north. The population of about 735,0001 is scattered across steep mountain slopes and valleys, many in remote and far-flung hamlets.

Peer-reviewed publication
December 2019

The restoration of vegetation in abandoned farmlands is an effective approach to control soil erosion on the Chinese Loess Plateau. However, few studies have investigated the effect of natural restoration age on the infiltration patterns and preferential flow in soil layers.

November 2019

For more than five years;Ardhi Yetu Programme through its partners (HAKIARDHI;Tanzania Natural Resources Forum (TNRF);and PAICODEO) has been working with communities to advocate for land rights;gender equality and climate change adaptation. AYP’s main goal is to ensure that national level advocacy;policy dialogues and campaigns are driven by community voices;actions and realities.

October 2019

Covers rights violations in Liberia – responsibility in Switzerland; rubber and Socfin in Switzerland; evictions for plantation expansions; access to food and water; violence on the plantations; limited opportunities for jobs and schooling; conclusions; bibliography.

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