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Policy Papers & Briefs
August 2017
South Africa

It is fairly well understood how an incremental settlement approach to addressing South Africa's housing and settlement needs works, but there is less understanding however for how an incremental settlement approach could work in the context of tenure security.

Reports & Research
July 2017
South Africa

This review critically examines the evolution of laws, policies and practices across colonial, apartheid and contemporary eras to identify the associated processes and patterns of uneven development and their contribution to the structural poverty and systemic inequality and the ways in which these are manifested in space and place.

Manuals & Guidelines
July 2017
South Africa

A primer to guide rural communities in framing and devising collective action and engagement strategies to strengthen their tenure of land, fisheries and forests is released today.

Institutional & promotional materials
July 2017
South Africa

Debates about land redistribution from white farm owners to black hands tend to be silent on the question of farm dwellers. This is despite the fact that over two million black people are estimated to be living on commercial farms.

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