Potassium uptake with precipitation, concentration in soil solutions and migration from arable sod-podzolic soils of Belarus (on the data of lysimetric researches in 1981–2012) | Land Portal | Securing Land Rights Through Open Data

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April 2016
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Nowadays evaluation of intake of nutritive substances, especially potassium from organic fertilizers, with atmospheric precipitation and analysis of their losses in environment appears very perspective direction of scientific research. Migration of potassium depends on several factors such as soil composition, climatic conditions, cultivars, quantity of applied mineral fertilizers etc. For the solving of practical and theoretical problems appearing during application of intensive agricultural technologies many-years lysimetric researches appear very important for evaluation of the system '
. The article deals with the results of long term experiments determining migration and balance of nutrition elements in the system: precipitation-soil-fertilizer-plant. Studied is potassium uptake with precipitation on soil surface, its losses when it is leached from sod-podzolic soils of different granulometric composition (from soil layer 1,0–1,5 m) during long agricultural use (1981–2012): different seasons of the year and decades (1981–1990, 1991–2000 and 2001–2010), and years with different degree of soil moisturization.
atmospheric precipitation-soil-fertilizers'

. Изучено поступление калия с атмосферными осадками на поверхность почвы, потери его при вымывании из пахотных дерново-подзолистых почв разного гранулометрического состава (из слоя 1,0–1,5 м) в процессе длительного сельскохозяйственного использования (1981–2012 гг.): по сезонам года и десятилетиям (1981–1990, 1991–2000 и 2001–2010 гг.) в различные по степени увлажнения годы.
В статье приведены результаты многолетних опытов, позволяющих определить миграцию и баланс элементов питания в земледелии в системе '
атмосферные осадки – почва – удобрение – растение'

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