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December 2012
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Generally, sustainability dimension is related to a context, timing and scale. Although the context of sustainability can be various – either general or more specific, the timing is oriented to the long-term, but the scale has a global nature. The main purpose of the paper is to assess analytically the sustainable development concept. This new approach for solving the problems and achieving the goals of sustainable development is related to efficiently applied systems approach that determines necessity to amalgamate political, economical, social and ecological systems of the state into a unified system of sustainable development. The findings of the study show the impact of the effect of ecological footprint and of international experience on possibilities to evaluate sustainable development. Sustainable development concept is open to a variety of interpretations. Comprehensive and comparative approach, exploring sustainable development concept in the light of global processes, leads to an experience of measuring and finding the specific applications of the concept, including land management field.

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Auzins, A., Riga Technical Univ. (Latvia) Vanags, J., Riga Technical Univ. (Latvia)

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