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December 2016
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This paper attempts to provide an interdisciplinary concept of the bio-economy in the context of environmental changes in the Polish agriculture. Various definitions of bio-economy have been presented and its place in the sustainable development theory has been described. The aim of this paper is to present the environmental changes in Polish agriculture in the context of the bio-economy. For this purpose uses the information published by the Central Statistical Office and Eurostat. To showcase and presentation methods were used descriptive and tabular. The empirical part presents changes of the essential elements characterising the agricultural sector, in particular, in terms of its impact on the natural environment. An attempt has been made to discuss the changes in the context of the implementation of the principles of sustainable development as well as development of bio-economy in the agricultural sector.

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Pajewski, T., Warsaw Univ. of Life Sciences (Poland). Faculty of Economic Sciences. Dept. of Economics and Organisation of Enterprises


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