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December 2016
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Electronic advisory system is an interactive learning environment that provides access to the best, most accurate knowledge of the most competent professionals across the country. Eelectronic advisory system connects consumers’ knowledge with those who provide them experts who know their subject inside out. The paper concentrates on experience of creation electronic advisory system at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine and its using for the developing of land use planning community electronically. The purpose of this paper is to analyse and identify the importance of the development of electronic advisory system and. the role of land use planning community in this. The main goal of this paper ˗ identify ways on creation of land use planning community for new technologies transfer and education to provide accurate, up˗to˗date information for use anytime, anywhere. The designed system will increase the efficiency of work of land use planning team specialists to provide qualified answers to questions, and interact with users through advanced information technologies (video conferences, instant messaging, and social networks) to simplify and speed up work on make decisions.

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Kalna-Dubinyuk, T., National Univ. of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev (Ukraine) Isachenko, A., State Univ. of Land Use Planning, Moscow (Russian Federation)

The Latvia University of Agriculture (LLU) Strategic Development Plan 2010-2016, was developed during 2009 and approved by the LLU Senate on June 10, 2009.

In order to perform its functions and implement its goals and objectives, the Latvia University of Agriculture has developed three activity programs:

1. Studies 
2. Science
3. Administrative and financial support for studies and research work

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