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January 2007
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Cutting Edge Pack

[From the BRIDGE website] Gender-sensitive measurements are critical for building the case for taking gender (in)equality seriously, for enabling better planning and actions by gender and non-gender specialists, and for holding institutions accountable to their commitments on gender equality. Yet measurement techniques and data remain limited and poorly utilised, making it difficult to know if efforts are on-track to achieve gender equality goals and commitments.

This collection provides a comprehensive overview of conceptual and methodological approaches to gender and measurements of change with a focus on indicators, highlighting good practice from the grassroots to the international level. It outlines good practice examples; provides case studies; and summarises toolkits designed to facilitate advocacy, programming and training. It also lists databases of gender statistics and provides networking and contact details of organisations working on gender and indicators. Details of how to obtain copies or download the full texts are provided with each summary. This collection forms part of the Cutting Edge Pack on Gender and Indicators.

You can download this resource from the BRIDGE website.

This resource is part of wider pack on Gender and Indicators. [From the BRIDGE website] What does a world without gender inequality look like? Realising this vision requires inspiring and mobilising social change. But what would indicate we are on the right track - and how will we know when we get there? Gender-sensitive indicators and other measurements of change are critical - for building the case for taking gender (in)equality seriously, for enabling better planning and actions, and for holding institutions accountable for their commitments on gender.

This Cutting Edge Pack hopes to inspire thinking on these questions - with an Overview Report outlining key issues, a Supporting Resources Collection providing summaries of key texts, tools, case studies and contacts of organisations in this field, and a Gender and Development In Brief newsletter with three short articles on the theme.

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