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January 2005
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This paper presents an analysis of the actions and omissions of the Guatemala State in respect to its obligations under the human right to food, and also refers to several paradigmatic cases of violations of the right to food within the context of the indigenous population and land and labour conflicts. This situation shows that the State of Guatemala has not managed to comply with either the obligations described in the Peace Agreements (the Agreement relating to the rights of the indigenous peoples and the socioeconomic Agreement), or the obligations of the international law in force in Guatemala in matter of the International Covenant of Economic, Social, and Economic Rights.The paper makes a number of recommendations the state and the international community to put an end to the conflicts in the country, which include to establish rural development and food ensuring policies, including an integral agrarian reform that incorporates the proposals of the indigenous rural sector, and fulfilling the fundamental rights of the rural indigenous woman, particularly with respect to productive resources, reproductive health and political decision processes.

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A. Wiese M. Wolpold-Bosien

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