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February 2009
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This research is intended to help contribute to this articulation process by identifying and consolidating small farmers' trade agenda in five countries, namely Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. These countries represent a good mix of both net agricultural exporters and importers, providing the paper with a balanced perspective of looking at trade and its impact on small farmers. The agenda of small farmers in these countries formed the bases for the formulation of their trade agenda in ASEAN. The research is divided into three parts.

The first part describes agriculture in ASEAN, locating the sector's significance in the region, particularly in meeting fundamental socio-economic objectives such as food security and poverty alleviation among others. It also discusses ASEAN's view of and plans for the sector, as indicated in its economic blueprint.

The second part looks at the agricultural sector of the five countries covered by the study. It provides a profile of each country's agriculture and agriculture trade performance, and discusses the policies that shaped these. It also presents the national trade agenda of farmers for each country, as validated and elaborated by farmer stakeholders through national consultations. The third and final part consolidates and articulates the regional trade agenda, and defines areas where farmers groups need to engage ASEAN. 

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Ma. Dolores Bernabe

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