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November 2016
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This report focuses on the analysis of livelihood type-specific behaviors regarding household
choices in land use and management practices. This is a contribution to the overarching
framework of “Integrated Systems Analysis and Modeling in Aral Sea Region” activity within
Dryland System CRP. The report is based on further analysis of baseline data collected within
“Innovation Platform” activity, surveyed and reported in 2015 (Rudenko 2015). Preliminary
analysis of household survey data including description of the study area and the content of
the questionnaire was presented in the report of Niyazmetov et al. (2016). Insights from this
analysis contributed to formulation and drafting of a journal manuscript (Report 2, draft
prepared in journal paper format) entitled Agricultural livelihood types and type-specific
drivers of production diversification: an evidence from Karauzyak, Karakalpakstan,

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Akramkhanov, Akmal
Le, Quang Bao
Akbarov, Adkham



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