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January 2016
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The goal of the Rangelands Initiative is increased tenure security of local rangeland users through improved implementation of enabling policy and legislation. By connecting, mobilising and influencing, the Initiative strengthens ILC members’ activities in-country and across its continental platforms. The key focus areas help ILC members develop and strengthen partnerships with a common vision of tenure security for rangeland users; identify, develop and/or scale up innovative solutions to tenure challenges, assisting governments and other actors in implementing enabling policy and legislation; and through sharing experiences and lessons learned, influencing these actors in land tenure development and implementation. The Rangelands Initiative supports governments, ILC members and partners to develop and/or influence enabling policy and legislation, and implement policy and legislation in a manner that best helps productive and sustainable rangeland use. This is achieved through the joint identification of solutions based on innovation and practice using the strengths of ILC members and partners working together. The Rangelands Initiative also improves the understanding of rangelands and appropriate governance, planning and tenure systems through research and the documentation of good practice. Recognizing the value of rangelands and the livelihood systems supporting them, the Rangelands Initiative advocates with local rangeland users for their inclusion in decisions made about their lands.

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Vision, mission and strategy

ILRI's strategy 2013-2022 was approved in December 2012. It emerged from a wide processof consultation and engagement.

ILRI envisions... a world where all people have access to enough food and livelihood options to fulfil their potential.

ILRI’s mission is... to improve food and nutritional security and to reduce poverty in developing countries through research for efficient, safe and sustainable use of livestock—ensuring better lives through livestock.

ILRI’s three strategic objectives are:

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