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  1. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    May, 1974
    Uganda, Africa

    Le Département of Lands and Survey est responsable de la gestion foncière, des cartes et des lèves, et de l’évaluation et des titres fonciers. Le dernier rapport retraçait l’historique de notre système foncier et il n’est donc pas nécessaire d’y revenir ici.

  2. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    November, 1974

    Estimates and projections of the agricultural population and the economically active population (or labour force) in agriculture are important for agricultural planning since, apart from indicating the size of the population depending for their living on, and engaged in agriculture, they have direct implications on agricultural employment policies. They are also needed for the determination of such important development indicators as per Capita agricultural income, labour productivity in agriculture and the proportion of population or labour force in agriculture.

  3. Library Resource
    January, 1974

    This Act is enacted to promote conservation and utilization of lands and natural resources, and reasonable distribution of population and industrial activities, so as to accelerate economic development, improve living environment, and enhance public welfare.A regional plan referred to in this Act means a regional development plan formulated according to the mutually depended and common-interest relations between geography, population, resources, and economic activities.The competent authority of each level shall establish a committee of regional plan to examine regional plans.

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